You’re a Rockstar! Get Paid Like One with Paul Klein

How does your pricing match up? Are you a Rock Start Pricer?

As for Paul Klein, how you price is a direct reflection of your brand’s position and value in the marketplace.

Paul Klein is a Business Scaling + Pricing Strategy Consultant for Existing (and aspiring) Business Coaches & Consultants. Paul has perfected what he calls the “3 Pillars” approach to building, scaling, and pricing your consulting, freelance, and solopreneur services in a way that helps you Rock Your Pricing to 7 figures in revenue. 

In this episode, Paul talks about all things pricing and why he is not an advocate of the hourly billing. For him, it’s not just a matter of charging more or raising your rates, it is recognizing the circumstances around your products and services and then positioning for maximum value for you and your clients.

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Learn how charging by the hour becomes limiting to your business
  • Discover why you should never charge hourly
  • Learn the best approach in pricing

“If you provide a highly exclusive service, then you should be compensated well. Just like guys in the NBA. There are not too many people who can do what LeBron James does or Tom Brady. When you have those types of skills, then you should be compensated well for them.”

– Paul Klein

Key Takeaways from Paul Klein:

“When you move away from hourly, the sky’s the limit. You can charge for value, you can create a win-win. The biggest problem with hourly is it creates that automatic disjointedness with our clients.

[How to be a rockstar pricer?] The more you are charging on value, the more you are using productized services, and away from hourly, the higher your rating will be and you’ll be a rock star pricer.”

“You want to price the client, not your solution. So what is the value that your product or service is bringing to their client?”

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