Stop Leaving Big Money on the Table with Howard Shore

Every business is a “Leaky Bucket,” and most of those leaks can be contained—if you are willing to change your mindsets and lead your business a little differently.

Howard M. Shore, founder, and CEO of Activate Group Inc. is a bestselling author and serial entrepreneur specializing in liberating C-Suite teams from the barriers holding them back personally and professionally.

In this episode, Howard shares how he helps frustrated business leaders solve common issues in the areas of people, strategy, and execution that drain energy, direction, and profitability from every business. He provides insights on how to effect change and ignite growth in the leadership team in order to achieve an organization’s full potential.

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Discover how to effect change and ignite growth in the leadership team in order to achieve an organization’s full potential.
  • Find out how Howard’s proven system helps increase the confidence of leaders in growing a business and achieving better results
  • Learn why it is important to  unlock the untapped potential of all your employees

“Every leader has a lot more revenue and profit potential than they ever imagined. And the key to that is unlocking the untapped potential of all of their employees.”

– Howard Shore

Key Takeaways from Howard Shore:

“Most organizations don’t really understand what it costs them when they keep the wrong people.

“Every leader on the team needs to understand cause and effect. Every action or inaction will make those numbers better. And so then understanding from the 8020 rule,  80% of our output comes from 20% of the inputs. Which things do we want our teams to really focus on, so we can get maximum advantage.”

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