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Dig Deeper than Passion and Get to Purpose with Dov Baron.

Dov Baron is a headline speaker for a global conference on leadership, influence, business, and embracing purpose-driven authentic leadership.

He is the man with the pulse on the evolving world of NextGen leadership. He is a master storyteller and one of Inc Magazine’s top 100 leadership speakers to hire.

In this episode, Dov dives into how to lead to living deeply meaningful with heart, soul, and mind aligned. He will also share with us honest truths about passion and purpose from which the whole idea of leadership can be gleaned. 

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Learn why it is important for a leader to Utilise emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • Difference between passion and purpose and how do they relate
  • Tips to make the best leaders and why connecting to purpose makes us better leaders

“As great leaders, you’re not supposed to create followers. You’re supposed to create leaders.”

– Dov Baron

Key Takeaways from Dov Baron:

“A purpose always has a deep emotional connection. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning or when it’s a crap day and you’d rather pull the quilt over your head.”

“Clearly passion is transitory. Passion changes. If you are an entrepreneur, then there’s probably a good chance the things you are passionate about 10 years ago, even in business, are not the same thing as you have today.”

“Your passion is the vehicle that transports your purpose. The vehicle will run out of fuel at some point in time and your purpose will need another vehicle.”

“Purpose is the connection, the deep key, psychologically, to fulfillment because it creates a legacy and your purpose is always bigger than you and it should outlive you. Your passion won’t.”

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