People are not Sausage. Understanding Your Team with Yuri Kruman

Yuri Kruman is a corporate HR Strategy/Organization Design Consultant and expert on the Employee Experience (EX), board member, startup advisor, Forbes Coaches Council member, as well as a contributor to Forbes, among other top platforms.

He is the author of “What Millennials Really Want From Work and Life” (Business Expert Press, March 2019) and the forthcoming, “Mastering the Talk to Master Your Life”

In this episode, Yuri shares how he helps leaders across the enterprise develop their employees to thrive consistently so that they can do their life’s best work, impact, and not feel like they are in a ‘sausage factory’ as coined by Yuri.

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Understand the mistakes that business leaders make in terms of attracting, retaining, motivating, engaging, and developing their employees and people
  • Learn how to increase engagement and productivity of your people  plus help them work smart, not just hard
  • Learn ways to improve the future of employee experience

“The vast majority of problems in the workplace can be solved with zero money and resources. All you have to do is talk to people. Just find out what makes them tick, what is on their mind. And try your best to actually care.”

– Yuri Kruman

Key Takeaways from Yuri Kruman:

“A lot of people that I work with, they’re very talented, they’re incredibly ambitious and motivated. But a lot of the time the may not have the awareness they need to have the mindset, have the tools, the language of psychology to really understand their people.”

“As a company grows, there’s less and less of this kind of communication flow. Information becomes stale by the time it reaches somebody feels appreciated. And it just becomes a sausage factory. So that’s kind of my specialty to come into a sausage factory and put the pieces back together and say, ‘Okay, we’re all really humans. How do we create the systems and the mindset in order to build something even much greater?’

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