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An engaging to-the-point, “don’t be that guy” cautionary guide
Trish Tagle speaks directly to you, the flawed leader. You are blind to your particular weaknesses, and you are heedless of the chaos and ruin you’re bringing to the organization. If you care at all about becoming a good leader – and being perceived by others as being a good leader – you need to wake up. This book is that wakeup call.

If you’re looking for a book on leadership that focuses on just the “need to know” and leaves out all the “nice to know” stuff, you’ll appreciate this book.

Summer Turner

The path for salvation for lousy supervisors and managers. For anyone who is working now, or ever worked in a large organization, reading this book is almost painful. Employees will be reminded of old battle-scars. Supervisors are likely to blush. If you are of the first group, you will find this book to be a sort of vindication. If you are of the decond group, you may, if you leave your ego aside while reading it, find salvation.

Shmaya David

Great Bosses Inspire and Sustain Productive Teams!!

Trish knows how to take the obvious and direct leaders to a simple way to elevate the production of their team.

By following her suggestions, more time is available to grow and expand in personal lives as well as career paths for all people involved.

She is a loving warrior that inspires solutions in a simple and light format.


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