Giving Young Leaders a Good Start with Debra Angilletta

Debra Angilletta is the CEO and Founder of Angilletta & Associates whose focus is on working with Information Security &Technology companies to develop their young leadership teams.

A former Wall Street executive, Debra’s executive leadership coaching is the result of her street smarts and battle-tested, industry knowledge. She’s in the leadership trenches everyday helping her clients achieve their company goals which translate into her clients earning millions of dollars in revenue as a result.

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Learn the successful habits of great leaders – from they do (and what they don’t do!) in their day to day as well as how to inspire your team
  • Learn how to get out of the “doing” and into powerful decision making and delegation so you can design the business you want
  • Learn powerful coaching skills – so you can get the very best out of your team to help achieve your goals

“Leadership development⁠—it’s not a sprint. It’s about immersion. It’s collaboration and giving them a resource to guide them through the rainy days and the tough parts because they’re going to come.”

-Debra Angilletta

Key Takeaways from Debra Angilletta:

“The higher-ups tell these new leaders, ‘Go ahead and put a plan together, how you’re going to manage your team.’ that’s what they do. So it’s like the blind leading the blind.”

“You got to have absolute buy-in and autonomy especially if you’re being brought in from the outside, you have to be able to run it in the way that your expertise dictates.”

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