The SIEZE™ Framework

At the heart of everything that Trish does is the SIEZE™ framework. SIEZE™ stands for Summit for Internal Efficiency and Zipped-Up Evolution. This framework supports the discovery of leadership issues in organizations, such as bottlenecks, unclear processes, and a lack of well-defined instructions for teams.

Our use of SIEZE™ differentiates us from other business strategists and transformation consultants. Rather than offering vague promises and unproven techniques, Trish uses the reality-based strategies of SIEZE™ to deliver long-term returns, rather than short-term gains.


In this one-day strategy session, we will delve into the goals for each of your departments, working to discover where the bottlenecks lie. Once armed with this new-found comprehension of where cooperation breaks down, we can then form an action plan that uses a quantitative formula to set the priorities for the tasks.


A six session masterclass that will get you from fear to clear when it comes to dealing with clients.
Does this sound like familiar:

  • Feel like you live in Groundhog Day having to tell the client the same information day after day?
  • Feel pressure to say yes to more client work favors without discussing timing and the additional fee?
  • Wait for the last minute to tell the client bad news; put off talking to client for as long as you can?

If so, this class is for you; more so if you are a jr. to mid-level team member that is in a client-facing position. And you also work in an industry that provides services to B2B client.
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