Someone I know posted a list that had to do with Confucius and his 10 life changing lessons. Ok, I like Bruce Lee and his “be water, my friend,” philosophy, so I bite.  I get to #4 and there it is.

“When it is obvious that goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, but adjust the action steps.”

Wait, what?

Sorry, Confucius.  I know you are recognized as a sage for the ages but I respectfully beg to disagree. It plainly states, the goal CANNOT be reached, so what do you mean adjust the action steps?

If you have tried to climb it, go around it, go under it or even to blast through it and the danged “IT” is still there, I think you need to re-think your goal.  Not all goals are attainable so instead of changing your action steps, change your goal. Learn from your mistakes and change your course; nothing wrong with that.

Maybe the person that wrote this and I are not using certain terms in the same manner? That is a possibility.

I cannot really equate what “Confucius” was saying to failure because it is saying something different altogether, at least to my understanding. What I can equate it to is not recognizing failure.  The quicker you are to understand and accept that “IT” is is not feasible, the closer you will be to something that may be achieved.  Happy trails!

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