Are you a business, large or small, that has some client situations you wish you could learn how to deal with better? Do you wish your client would stay (as the title says). You seem to be able to acquire them but you don’t seem to be able to upsell them or worse, retain them?

Sometimes the project work that you are doing with a client is a one and done so the expectation is that they will leave when the project is complete. Or should they? Wouldn’t it be nice if you can keep them around longer by upselling them?

Research states that a lot of clients leave the companies they are working with because they don’t feel that they are being provided with enough information around how the work is being done or even what is being done, in a timely manner.  Is this one of your problems? Why is transparency about the work that is being done an issue?  Do you feel that opening up this conversation with the client may open up a can of worms?  There are ways that you can do this without actually showing your hand, you just have to know how to communicate.

Another issue clients have with with the companies they work with is that they were made to feel like they were gold when they were being courted but after they had signed on, they turned to brass. Does this happen at your agency?  Why would that be? Are you stretched too thin to be able to properly maintain the client relationship? Are there other issues in your way?

We all know it is less costly to retain the clients that we have than to acquire new ones. So how do we do that?

Talk soon!

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