There are too many instances to count where ranking members of an organization go off and set-up their own business. Amazing! Until it is not.

They are setting up a business where their expertise, while at the organization, is what drives the business forward and they end up spinning their wheels. They seem not to understand why they were so right when they were working with the organization and so wrong when working for themselves.

I was talking one time about a particular success I had at an agency and the woman I was talking to, she stopped me and asked me — can you do that for yourself? She made me pause. She made me take stock, that is for sure. Can I?

If you are finding issues moving your organization forward, there may be several reasons why but the first one may have to do with whether or not you even know why you are in business. Yes, to make money and to work for yourself. But what are the values your business is built on? Do you know? Vision may change but values almost never change. Do you value profitability or do you value innovation? Do you value accountability or do you value fun? Each answer you choose has a maps out a different path for your business to go down.

Whether you are a multi-million dollar business or a growing couple of thousand dollar business, stop and think if you have had the chat with your partners or associates about the core values that are driving your business. If not, have the conversation. Get on the same page. Go in the same direction. Don’t be broken pieces needing to be patched together, over and over again. Move forward with the confidence of knowing what you are actually driving towards.

If you need help in deciding what your values are and what is next, let’s chat. It’s free and it helps. Talk soon.

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