About Trish

trish is an efficiency warrior

A genuine, caring, and “can do” kind of person, Trish has spent her life learning from the best to achieve her dreams and ambitions. It’s her mission to help you and your organization do the same.

In her digital advertising career, Trish established herself as a high-level efficiency and organization expert. With her expertise in tech, she quickly moved up the ranks, from digital producer to executive producer to director of project management. No matter what her role, she always kept an eye on the big picture and question everything, no matter who standing in her way. This is something she carried with her to her consulting career. She is someone who dares to fearlessly say “No.” She’s an Organizational Efficiency Warrior!

When working with an organization, Trish aims to build strong, powerful leaders who will genuinely support their teams.

To do this, she believes that all parties need to be transparent and truthful about difficult issues. Team members should always feel they can speak up without fear of a beat down. Her philosophy is that teams should be allowed to color outside of the lines, but they do need to know where the lines are so they won’t stray too far.

transform the way you do business

Trish doesn’t offer “castles in the skies” solutions to problems. Instead, she delivers reality-based solutions that show concrete long-term returns, rather than illusionary short-term gains. This approach isn’t for everyone. It’s only for those who want to genuinely engage in actions that will truly transform the way they do business. Trish has always believed that it’s possible to have the best of all possible worlds at your business. You can win, your clients can win, and your teams can win too! Let her show you how!

Thank you for taking the time to download the script, What to Say to Clients When They Want More for Free (without saying no). We hope that this supports you while speaking to clients. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected].  Thank you.

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