Summer is in full force so I know you don’t want to read a novel of a blog post.  Let me just give you this to ponder.

A quick piece on focus, specifically entrepreneurial focus. When we start our businesses we want to conquer the world.  Issue is the world is a large place and our message usually gets lost.  I had the pleasure of attending a workshop recently that schooled us into NARROWING our focus.  This way our offering, our service, made more sense and therefore, made more money.  Ultimately, this is what we want. More money for our services.

Just a reminder for us out there that want to be everything to the world. We cannot be. We have to know who we appeal to the most, with whom our message will resonate with the most, how what we teach will be most useful, what value we deliver, what pain point we are going to alleviate?  Ask yourself, drilling down, who do we really need to be talking to, who needs you the most? Then go after them. Happy hunting!  Happy landing!

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