Half the year is over and for most of us, the resolutions that we started the year with are not even a memory.  Just how hard do you have to think to even remember what those goals were?

The issue with goal setting is that we usually choose goals that inevitably set us up for failure. The goals are too lofty.  They are too big.  When goals are too challenging for us, eventually we give up.

The way to ensure a greater chance of success is to make sure that you set two goals.  The first one will help you expand your world in the way that you are choosing but this goal needs to be paired with a goal that will help you get started.

Ok, that might be a little confusing so here is an example:  For example, one would like to run a 3K.  Instead of setting out to run that distance straight away a good goal to pair with this one that would help you stay on track.  It would be a smaller goal that may sound something like this: every day I will put on my sneakers and go for a (30 minute) walk.  If you can make this even smaller, you can frame it this way: I will put on my sneakers and walk down the street.  This is a must do. If you start walking down the street, the chances are greater that you will continue to walk for at least 30 minutes and build up from there.

Another example would be if you had the goal of writing a book, which isn’t easy by the way.  Completing a book is a huge goal and takes time.  But if you pair this larger goal with a support goal of: every day, I will write for 15 minutes.  Writing for 15 minutes every day is pretty bite-sized.  It is doable and you will most likely do it.

Go back to how you look at goals or even the goals you have now.  Are there large goals in there that would be achievable if you paired them with a smaller support goal?  Try it.  You just might be surprised at what the end of this year looks like!

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