We all run into problems. Everyone does regardless of whether you have a personal problem, a problem at home with another or a problem at work, we all have some situation at one time or another that we would rather not have to deal with or wish would go away.  Sometimes this is possible – having someone else deal with the problem.  How, you ask?  Read on, read on!

Experts agree that the best way to come to a solution to an issue is have the person closest to the issue to come up with the solution.  Yes, delegate the solution to someone else.  Doesn’t mean that as a manager you are not involved but think about it, the person closest to the issue will probably understand a lot more of the detail around the issue and what caused it.  You, being a bit more removed, might have an objective view but not a nuanced one.  Objectivity is great when you are not dealing with people and it may have its uses but in the game of business (and sometimes in life), being objective does not take into consideration the interpersonal relationships that have developed between the team (and possibly the client) that is working on the project.

So yes, bring in the players and ask them for their thoughts on how to solve the issue that is at hand.  Don’t be the proverbial bull in a china shop that stomps around and snorts and ends up creating more of a mess than there was to begin with.  Don’t be the egomaniac that thinks that all you have to do is come down from the mountain and everything is going to be ok. Your smooth soothing style might work most of the time but truth is that other people know things too; these other people might report to you.  Giving ownership of the situations to the people that are closest to it in the first place builds morale and makes them more willing to step up and offer solutions for other issues that they see.

Being a leader doesn’t always mean YOU are the king problem solver.  Sometimes you do have to step in and make the changes, smooth the egos, and rally the troops but for the most part, allow others the room to think for themselves. Doing this gives you more time to go out and develop new business knowing that the home fires are being stoked by capable hands (minds).

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