We all want it, no – need it AND hope that when the time comes to retire, we pray that we still have enough of it.  So, why is it that I come across so many clients that are mid to sr. level that don’t have a plan in place; making sure that they are invested in their future? From the reasons I have heard, it is from the mistaken believe that it takes a lot of money to start the investing process. I am here to tell you that that not true.  Second, there is a lack of awareness for the products or offerings that are available.

Fear is the greatest barrier in getting people to start talking about investing but fear is also the greatest motivator when one realizes that a plan of action to secure your future isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity. Hopefully, your fear will lead you down the second path.

As you have heard the time to start investing in your future is as soon as you can. A great time is when you start your first job!  Hey, you are earning some money, yes, you have bills to pay but you know what, there is a way to tuck a few dollars away for that time when you don’t have a job, become disabled (hopefully no one reading this will go through this experience) or for whatever life event that comes to you that is unexpected.

While people that are parents should really think about investing for the future simply because they have children they are responsible for, those that don’t have kids have an equal responsibility to themselves to make sure that they can provide for themselves and don’t turn into a burden on their families when they can no longer work.

While my efforts as a coach are mainly focused on supporting you through your decision to make a life of career change, making your work process more efficient, helping you round out a company culture that retains good employees, equipping your very best with leadership skills, or deciding how your idea of self affects the way you react to the world, it can also include making sure that whatever decisions are made, include an eye to the future.  I would not be worth my salt if I didn’t approach your goals helping you look further down the road.

Yes folks, there is light at the end of the tunnel and all it takes is an easy conversation.

We are all living longer and even if we decide to walk off into the sunset after we have called Ecuador home, it still takes dinero to live there;  same thing in Costa Rica.  Make sure that you have some (money) before you say adios, pack up, and go.

If you feel that this post speaks to you – reach out to me by PM or by email. Let me make THIS clear, I do not derive any benefit from any introductions I make. The value I derive is knowing that I have connected people who may form a mutually advantageous professional relationship. I do know these professionals personally and have recommended them to a number of clients.  Yes, folks a selfless act. I will connect you to individuals that you can talk to, to help you reach your financial goals. For real.

If one of your resolutions for 2016 is to invest in your future, take my offer, reach out to me and I can help start the conversation for you through an e-intro (after the introduction, the conversation is  between you and the advisor, I am out).

If you don’t find my appeal to you about planning for your future helpful — how about some wise words from Warren Buffet?  They are put together like this: “someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” Could that shade be from a money tree? Let’s get you some money trees.

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