No, not another find your passion/purpose piece. I am talking about determination, being resolute, intention.   Whatever it is that you do, do you do it with purpose?  It doesn’t matter what you do, do you do it with purpose?

When I first came to NY, there were no jobs to be had so I was a temp.  I had an MBA but I filled in while the real assistants was on vacation.  That was fine, I didn’t mind. I knew what the job entailed and I was getting paid so, ok!

Did I give the impression that I was MORE than the job that I was doing, did I act snide and snooty? No. I applied, I was hired to do the job, I accepted, and I did it all with purpose. I did everything to the best of my abilities.  When that gig ended, I became an assistant elsewhere.

At one place, there were STACKS of paper everywhere.  EACH PIECE should have been filed away but well, they were not filed away; they were sitting all over the place, about 14 stacks, about a foot high.   By the end of the week, in between getting memos out and other things, I filed all the papers that were sitting around.  I did the job I accepted with purpose.  Each place that I had an assistant position, I went to work each day with purpose.  I approach life with purpose. If not, what would be the point?

Each place I worked as a temporary assistant offered me a job. Each. Place.  One sr. executive offered me the position, name my salary, and promise to say with him for one year and then he would support my moving into a department and a position that I decided I wanted.  One director even teared up on my last day.  She didn’t want me to leave but I was moving onto something else where I was going to apply myself as I always had. This time it was something of my own.

When you accept an assignment, a responsibility, an obligation – you must accept it with purpose.  If you cannot muster that, then move on.  You are not doing anyone any favors, much less yourself.  You will be miserable.  If you do not live life with purpose you will be palpably dejected; people will notice. These people will most likely you not consider you for better positions or better anything.  This doesn’t just apply to work but to life itself.

We don’t always get exactly what we want the first time around but living with purpose will make life so much easier.  Make sure you choose a purposeful attitude before you say yes to your next “thing.” Then … be happy.

image by:  Steve Wilson / portland-climbing-131

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