There was a lot of change in the air this summer.  A lot of people were contacting me because they decided that (for various reasons) they needed to finally take a stand, make a change when it came to what they were doing for a living. Some of the client’s were mid-lifers, others had been laid off but didn’t want to seek the same position elsewhere, and others still were nowhere near mid-life but just were tired of being sick and tired, with the environments they were working in.

It was nice to see that after probing what they were really interested in doing, they were able to find the direction that they wanted to move towards.

This does not just apply to career change.  Sometimes in life, we need to make changes because we are tired of hearing ourselves constantly making mention (in a negative sense) of the same situation in the same light.  You either just like to complain or you need to listen to what you are making other listen to and figure out how to either accept where you are or change it.  It really is up to you.  Not many situations change unless you do.  Miracles do happen but if you wait for one — life may pass you by. The real miracle is taking that exhilarating step towards a different world and a different you, in the aspect of your life where it needs to happen.

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