In my own career and in talking and coaching people through the minefield that might be the corporate world, I find that sometimes they are faced with the decision of whether to speak out or to maintain the status quo.

My clients may have found themselves at a point where there were certain ways of doing business that they did not agree. As rising stars or even established leaders looking to continue to polish their skills, they inevitably come across situations where they begin to question themselves and the values that are being displayed in their working environment.

My coaching practice does not dictate their decision but helps them figure out for themselves how they feel and what would be their plan for moving forward. The questions I ask are: is this a setting that you can see yourself continuing in regardless of the tug you feel in the opposite direction?  Can you reconcile yourself with the idea of working with the same people you may find yourself at odds with, value-wise, every day, every month, and every year? Year after year?

These are questions that only you can answer for yourself.  Some people are very good at playing politics, others are just happy to have a job, others find the strength to speak up, and others decide to leave.

Where do you fall in this spectrum?  Are you one of those that would rather be happy than be right?  Are you one of those that would rather not rock the boat because honestly, all you care about is making a pay check, let the others duke it out?  Or are you one of those leaders that know that taking action, no matter how risky, means that you may create the change that is needed; change that will benefit more than just yourself?  There is really no right or wrong.  There is only who you are and what you can live with.

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