I am going to take a break from talking about client relationships, process, and efficiency to talk about another topic that is just as important in business – appreciation.

Many times people, whether we know them or not, do nice things for us.  Was there a time lately where someone held the door open for you when you were carrying a lot of things?  Was there a time when you were waiting to cross a street and a driver stopped to let you cross first before they went on their way?  Was there a instance where you were not feeling good about your work and either your supervisor or your co-worked came over, sensing your anxiety, and asked you how you were doing and how they could help?

There are many more examples of people being nice in small ways – examples of people being nice to us not for anything but because they are good and kind.

The question I have for you though is not – what nice thing have you done for someone lately but more – have you said thank you?  Maybe not in that moment but later on when you were done being anxious about your situation, did you go back and say thank you?  Did you acknowledge the kindness shown to you?

I ask this today because a stranger that I made a work connection for came back to me and said thank you.  He actually picked up the phone and said the words, thank you.  It made me realize how wonderful it is to feel appreciated.  His thank you reaffirmed for me why I do what I do.

Employers and employees alike would do much better with each other if genuine appreciation was shown for a job well-done, a task taken on even if it was not theirs to take on – just to lighten someone’s burden or even for a supervisor’s advice on how to navigate the corporate waters.  Financial gain is a driver for many people but for more people, feeling appreciated holds more value.  Keep that in mind next time someone does something nice for you.  People who do nice things for others are not always waiting for gratitude but when it comes, it means so much more.

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