Working with several small businesses, you inevitably come across a couple of entrepreneurs and even senior-level executives that will tell you that if they could change (themselves or the system) they would but they cannot because of this reason or that.   “Yes, we would implement that but ….”  But what?  The part that is left unsaid here is that they have chosen not to because they don’t want to — because the system or behavior that they insist on keeping in place is benefiting them somehow; it is allowing them to blame someone else for the issues they are experiencing or ignore it altogether.  It is broken but it still runs so leave it go.  Really?  This kind of mentality allows them to continue on the path of least resistance and disregard their responsibility for owning the behavior that is causing the issues in the first place.

As in business — it is the same in one’s personal life.  If you are finding your personal relationships are not doing well, what is it that you are doing that perpetuates the chaos around you?  From that chaos what is the benefit you are deriving?  “Oh if only she would do this, if only he would do that … ” Ok …. if everything is so untenable, then what are you going to change?  Or is it just easier to hide behind the chaos and excuses and make it all someone else’s fault?  Most people would hide behind the chaos and point fingers.  It is just easier.

The least thing that you can do is  ask yourself, your business partners or your co-sr. level colleagues:

  • What benefit am I (are we) getting from allowing all this chaos to continue?
  • How is the chaos I am choosing affecting the people around me and my interaction with them?
  • If I allow the chaos to continue, what will my business (my world) look like in a year? in two years? in five?

You have a choice.  Choose to do the work and make painful but courageous changes (which are expected from leaders) or choose not to and keep misery company on the pile you are sitting on.  You decide.

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