I had a conversation recently with a former colleague and he updated me on what had been happening at the agency we both worked at together.  He was telling me that things were changing were happening and although the changes (for good) were slow, it was happening.  I was very happy to hear his news.  This guy is an affable and has the ability to go with the flow but even he sounded like he was looking forward to the new shifts that were taking place.

Change does take time especially when the organization is in a mature state and most of the turnover has happened in the mid to junior ranks.  A new C-suite leader has the power to change the organization if he has a vision.  The issue is not so much the vision but the staying power to keep on course.  Many people are fatigued by the resistance that they meet when they are looking to implement new process and change how the organization defines itself.

Focus and staying power are most definitely the key.  It is not easy bucking long entrenched trends but hopefully for those that look to improve things for the organization overall, they have that “stick-to-it-ivness” that is needed to see their vision come to fruition.  I wish all change-makers strength and the will to make their vision a reality not just for senior members of the organization but for the entire team from A to Z.

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