Yep.  This isn’t an “it’s me, not you” relationship thing it is more than that.  This has more to do with life or business in general when you need to recognize that you don’t have the answers and you need to lean on or let someone else take the lead.

I was in a situation recently where I was and had been too close to the situation just due to circumstance.  I didn’t have the answers, I didn’t have the right thing to say.  Imagine that – a coach, not having the right questions to ask, interesting.  But it was true.  This was not a coaching situation but a life one.  Had I been dealing with people that were strangers to me, I might have been able to take an objective view but no, these were people I cared for deeply.

In any case, someone else has taken the lead and in as much as the situation has not resolved itself and may never resolve itself in a way that I would hope, I am glad that someone has stepped in. I have been given the insiders view of what is being said and the advice that is being given and I am so glad that they are being objective and straightforward.  Sometimes, it really just isn’t you (as in this time it isn’t me).

In business and in life, we have to be able to recognize that we don’t always have the answers or the right questions.  Sometimes, someone else does. Leaders in business and people with some degree of maturity understand that, they step aside, and let resolution and hopefully progress happen.

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