From the work that I have done and continue to do, I find that a lot of managers do not fully understand the meaning or the impact of appropriate delegation.  A lot of times, this is erroneously translated into getting someone to making copies for you, scheduling meetings for managers, and a lot of tasks that do not help extend the instruction of direct reports in a well-rounded way.

Delegation, meaningful delegation, opens up your team’s world to learning about and understanding the work but even more so, it allows them to acquire a greater perspective around the responsibilities that they will face as they move up in the ranks.

Some of the ways that you can provide proficiency for them are:

  • After having reviewed their initial work, set-up parameters where they can make independent decisions that have an impact on the client work,
  • After a walk-through of deadlines, allow them to structure their workload without specifically dictating how much time is allotted for each specific task or
  • After having discussed it with them, give them mentorship responsibility and accountability when working with interns and the newest members of staff.

These are just examples of how you can start growing the talent that you are in-charge of.  Every work setting has its own opportunities for growth.  It is always worthwhile to sit back and think about how you can impact the careers of the people that look to you for guidance.

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