Recently, I listened to an audio presentation that spoke about the benefits of transparency.  As I listened it dawned on me that

  • I was not the only one that thought it was a good idea,
  • more people should be employing this at their agencies and in their work life.

The benefits of transparency are innumerable but at its core, it builds trust and trust is what you want to have been yourself, your team, and definitely with your clients.

When you are transparent about your plan with your team, you help them understand how you work, how your department or the department you belong to works, and it helps them understand the overall vision of the company.  Additionally, it allows them to contribute their thoughts and opinions.  So in addition to building trust in this case, you are also building the sense of a bonded team.

The benefits of transparency with your teams can also be reflected when you are transparent with your peers.  On a higher level, you create a sense of camaraderie and empathy for how other departments work.  Your peers can also give you insight on how your initiative will impact their teams and departments.  This impact may be something that you have overlooked and had you not known about it, moving forward would have brought friction between your distinct operations.

A lot of agencies are frightened by the thought of transparency with their clients.  But I always say that there is nothing to fear when you approach the client relationship in this manner.  It helps the client see you as a fair partner and it also helps you develop a closer relationship that you may rely on if things don’t go exactly as planned in the timeline.  We all know that we have to look out for risks and provide contingencies but being transparent with this process will also help the client help you manage the expectations of those they report to.

So overall, making sure that everyone, from the most junior level team member to your partner on the client-side, is on the same page brings greater team-spirit around a project or account and a sense of ownership that can only spell success.

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