People contact me because they want to achieve something.  GREAT!  That is what I am here for – to help you get to the end.  Before I start my coaching, my initial request is to have my client write down two immediate things that would help them achieve the bigger picture goal – in concise sentences.  The usual response/reaction I get is – SILENCE.


It is great to have that big goal in front of us but there is no way you are going to get from A to B without taking some interim steps.  It is good that you want to build a big business.  But just wanting that isn’t going to get you there.  Doing something – everyday or every week will.  What are those two immediate things?  Oh and make sure you include timing!

In my profession it is not my function to TELL you what to do but to steer you towards your goals. My business and life experience helps me channel your thoughts in the proper direction.  For most of us it holds true that if you generate the action plan then you will be more likely to take those plans and do something with them.  This sounds repetitive but — the actions that you come up with are most likely the activities that you are currently willing to take in order to move forward.

So, write down that big goal because it solidifies what you want.  Additionally, challenge yourself to write down just two actions that you can take to make your goals more real. The first step is usually the hardest but once you’ve shaken that initial inertia off, you will find that things just start to roll.

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