I have worked with a lot of start-ups and am currently working with a few more in the coaching capacity.  When I am approached, the first thing I hear from start-up management is, we want to set up process. Great.  But is that really what they are looking for?

Frankly, they have a process in place now. It is how the work gets done day in and day out.  It is an organic course borne out of the experience of those that came together to form the start-up in the first place.  It is the way that they were shown at their agencies or the way that they decided would be the best method for them to get work done.  So, why change it now?

I believe that what is really being said is, “I/We want different results. The current routine results in chaos or in a greater need for resources we don’t have or impacts the bottom-line in a negative way.”

In coming together to decide how to move forward, the first real question is not what process should be employed but rather what results are you looking for?  Only after results are defined can you start working backwards to develop the foundation that will drive your business ahead.

Looking for better results?  In Vivo Clarity will help you navigate the territory and articulate your needs.  Reach out at [email protected] .

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