The time has come and gone and the 360 reviews are in.  What now?  Does your company ask you and your direct reports to develop goals?  Yes?  No?  Any kind of goals?

One way to ensure employee retention is the articulation of goals and the mapping of how and when these goals will be achieved.  As team lead or manager, it is part of your role to support them in achievement.  The higher up you are in the chain of command, the more responsible you are for the success of the people reporting to you.  A lot of managers have responsibilities that are not always known to those that report to them but what the people you supervise know is that – you are accountable for helping them move forward in their career path.

To be fair, a lot of managers want to mentor their teams and help each individual succeed but lack the time to do this important work.  This is where executive coaching comes in.  By developing the client-coach partnership, the manager is able to set the tone for accountability in team members for the achievement of the agreed up on goals.  The coach assists these individuals expand their skill set, shore up weaknesses, and bolster their strengths. All of this creates results that all parties are pleased with.

This is just one example of how an executive coach can collaborate with you for a more productive work experience.

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