I was talking to a former colleague today about resourcing and the business logic/math behind the formation of project teams.  She seemed a little concerned about how to explain this all to the people she was working with.  I was a little surprised but quickly reminded her of what senior managers are there for.  I told her not to forget that she does not work in a vacuum but on a team – and she has a supervisor.  I told her that she should never forget to escalate if she felt that the project needed more people (or time or whatever need).  Senior managers and executives are there for a reason, to help problem solve and troubleshoot what is beyond your scope and experience.

I feel that a lot of juniors feel a little left on their own and senior managers must put a little bit more work into making their teams understand that no matter how “small” they feel the issue is, if they are not completely secure in making a decision then escalate and quickly.

Open communication between project teams, senior and executive management, and junior team members are imperative.  Escalation facilitates solution development for possible risks and also helps those with less experience understand how to handle a situation the next time they are faced with it.  The greatest benefit of escalation is that it builds team spirit — it builds trust and confidence in your leadership; that they are willing to help you solve what you are facing.  That is priceless.

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