trish tagle is an
organizational efficiency warrior!

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to keep the clients you already have,
  • You want to sell existing clients more services,
  • You would like your clients to be a source of referral business.

All this without:

  • sitting in meeting after meeting that don’t produce results,
  • having to drag your teams across the finish line, basically doing all the jobs yourself,
  • your leaders running around getting buy-in, and ending up back at the beginning anyway?

Sounds like you need a framework that will help your organizations stakeholders get together and produce REAL results.

Trish Tagle is someone who has “in the trenches” experience; working with stakeholders and asking the questions that will produce results-driven responses, you have come to the right place. She doesn’t waste time with jargon, fluff, or pie-in-the-sky promises. She uses reality-based solutions to support your desire for work environments of growth, fueled by strong leaders.



Trish uses the SIEZE framework to identify and solve long-standing issues in your organization in ONE DAY. 


Trish is an experienced and engaging speaker who can confidently address audiences on leadership-related topics. 

Ready to take your business to the next level with proven, grounded solutions?

From Our Clients

“Through Trish’s framework, we were able to identify areas where we could upsell the client. We earned the variable fees portion of the budget by efficient use of 20% of our team.”

- Elias Kakomanolis

Brand Logistics Director

“We highly recommend getting Patricia Tagle to energize, educate, and empower teams and organizations to take on new learning challenges and become better leaders.”

- Gregory Banzon

COO & EVP, Century Pacific Food, Inc.

“Trish shared the need for leaders to trust and be generous with their troops when faced with adversity to carry on and achieve their goal. Thank you!”

- Wick Veloso

HSBC, President and CEO

“Trish’s book, ‘Everyone Knows You Suck: Bad Boss Stories, A Succinct Guide,’ is a must-read for anyone who is in charge of leading people at a business or a department.”

- Linda Rey

Insurance Nerd turned Marketing Geek

“Trish’s workshop on SIEZE™ was absolutely eye-opening. As owners of tax & accounting practices, we not only need to help our clients with the financial side of their business but we also need to make sure that we are keeping our own businesses on track as well. Great content presented in an enjoyable and easily understood manner. I would highly recommend Trish as a speaker and workshop leader for your next event.”

- Samuel Katz

Chairman, NYS S CPAs, Small Firms Practice Committee

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